Leave Your Everyday Worries Behind

Villa Cin Cin - Infinity Edge Pool


Safety: The depth of the pool ranges from a shallow 3 feet to approximately 5 feet. It is not deep enough for diving, so please do not dive, even children, to avoid serious injury. Always pay attention to children and partying adults, and please do not allow anyone to run around the pool areas or decks. No children under five are permitted in the hot tub to avoid serious issues such as overheating. Please wipe off your feet before entering the villa to prevent slipping on the tiled floors, and please do not bring glass near the pool area. 

Pool Maintenance: A complete pool and spa cleaning and servicing is generally done just before your arrival. Pool and spa service personnel will use exterior access for pool maintenance at least once per week. Don't hesitate to contact Villa Cin Cin's house manager if extra servicing is needed.